Before and After


Models in the USA. Zarina


Zarina conquered New York literally from the first day of arrival! She was planning to stay two weeks in New York, but has already engaged in a month of model activities in New York, lives in a model apartment, attends social events and photo shoots! Very happy for her success as I believed in her initially!


Models in the USA. Tanya


Tanya is our commercial model, which means her height is not for the catwalk but with such a beauty, she can participate in the promotional modeling and filming! SHE IS A WONDERFUL, PHOTOGENIC GIRL! Big hug)


Models in the USA. Aika


Aika with her stunning beauty has won New York since the early days! This model is full of optimism and is always in a good mood! Such qualities are necessary models in communication and life! So keep at it!


Models in the USA. Sveta


Sveta living in New York for two years! All attempts to break into modeling agencies faltered! After two weeks of work with me she got three contracts! Sveta you are great model!


Models in the USA. Marina


Marina arrived a couple of weeks ago and already has had many photo shoots! Until the moment of our meeting she had no modeling experience! Today she’s a model in New York and continues to grow with each photoshoot! Good luck!


Models in the USA. Alena


Alena as a model plus with us! Desire and diligence Alena worth envy, not to mention a stunning figure that is lucky enough to being see the New York agencies with our help!