We will help you to become a successful model in the USA!

It’s not easy to become a model. And becoming a successful model is even harder. Before getting into US model business a girl spends an enormous amount of time and money. And even though she makes a lot of typical mistakes.

But don’t give up your dream because of all the difficulties.

There is a wonderful way for young and ambitious women to achieve their goals and avoid a lot of mistakes and failures. Use the experience of a successful model, which held in this area for over 10 years. Very soon you will be able to earn their own money and to pay all the costs.

We are the team of professionals that works in model business over 10 years.

We present the full service of model couching, which includes help during adaptation period in the USA and teaching how to make a bright model career.

  1. We will meet you at the airport.
  2. Find you accommodation (separate flat and free model apartment).
  3. We will help you to get into local and international model agencies.
  4. We will place your portfolio on our website, so the potential clients would be able to notice you.
  5. We will give you the full consultation on how to develop you own model charisma (clothes, footwear, skin, hairstyle and etc.)
  6. We will teach you, where to go shopping and how to dress for castings to get a job.
  7. We will introduce you to the best photographers of New York. They will help you to make you a high-quality portfolio, one of the most important things for every model.
  8. We will teach you networking in New York: where to go to meet necessary people and which manner of behavior use in different situations.
  9. Visa support in the USA.
  10. We can help you with the acting school and furnishing.
  11. Imagine you are modeling agencies and spend on casting

“NYCNEWFACES” Model Agency was based under the guidance of a prosperous model Irina Proskurina. Her portfolio consists of contracts with the most famous high-end brands: Armani, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, Anna Fountain, Loreal, Wella and other.

Irina is an international model, demanded all over the world: in Europe, in Asia and of course in the USA.

It took her 10 years to learn about all the peculiarities of model business and develop clear rules, how to become a successful model.

You have a chance to own her experience just in 1 week!